About Us
The Cutting Crew has been owned and 
operated by Luke Taylor since 2003. It started as a lawn care service, but throughout the years it has grown to be 
a total tree service to better serve you. 

Our Mission is to maximize exceptional customer
service by continually striving for excellence in the 
services we provide to obtain the highest levels of 
quality, integrity, and honest customer care. We
operate a safe, secure and reliable business in 
the interests of our customers and employees.
Safety of our customers and employees is a priority!

Our purpose each day is to:
  • Grow spiritually and serve as vessels of God's will. 
  • Make a positive difference in every person that we 
 interact with and always continue to improve our
 relationship with God.
  • Live each day with passion, love, and 
 faith so that we may become closer to the Lord 
  • Make a difference in the lives of others, striving to live as the Lord did.

The Cutting Crew consists of a professional and  
hard working staff who is ready to serve you. Give 
us a call at (270) 825-9306 for a free estimate.
Call: (270) 825-9306 or 
         (270) 331-3048
Our service area mainly includes Hopkins, Muhlenburg, Webster, Christian, and McLean Counties. If you are located in another County in Western Kentucky other than what is listed feel free to still give us a call at (270) 825-9306 or (270) 331-3048. We can see if we can work something out.